When you’re selling a home, creating maximum selling potential should be your number one goal. Arrange It Home Staging is here to assist you with that goal by creating a vision that allows prospective buyers to see themselves living, and thriving, in your home. When that happens, consider it sold!

Our talented team can turn your for-sale house into a homebuyer’s dream. With over 12 years of experience servicing the luxury real estate market, our process is seamless and professional, and our results are dramatic.

Let us come to your home and help you with transforming your living space to a buyers dream! Vacant? We will bring in 100% of
the necessary furnishings to create a charming, inviting, warm atmosphere to make you stand out from your competition. Still
living there? No problem. We will work with what you have and add on complementary furnishings, accessories and art.

"Artful, purposeful staging is one of the most powerful tools a professional real estate broker can use to ensure a home is poised to capture the imagination of the greatest number of buyers in order to secure top dollar and terms in today’s dynamic real estate market. In short, home staging is a must. That is why I’ve partnered with Kim Denney of Arrange Home Staging for nearly a decade now. In her capable hands, backed by a great eye for flow, color and design, Kim has transformed scores of homes for me and my valued clients. The results always reward: Keenly Impactful; Seriously Photogenic; Wildly Successful.  That is why I return to her time and time again. She is simply the best."

-Tony Butz, Windermere

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